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Best 1-6x Scope For The Money: Tactical LPVO Reviews 2024

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Authors sights: Remington 870 night day system 1-6 X 24

This past month I was advised by my contacts that the US Army has cleared a contract with Sig Arms in regard to manufacturing a total of 6.069 rifle scopes for use by infantry units as a replacement for the ACOG style rifle glass sight. Is this major news? For sure it is because what this says is after 100 years or so.

The US Army being a bit slow at times to make changes is starting to understand that specialized equipment in the field can return specialized and very successful results.

My picks for 1-6x Scope

Why is rifle glass so important?  Well, back about 100 years ago during the battle of the Little Big Horn one lone trooper covering the supply train that was following General Custer got jumped by Indians toward the rear column of the big fight. That one lone trooper with his 45-70 Sharps rifle and a very early model of a scope sight took on the mass of Indians coming up from the river below and killed so many that they turned back and left the supply train alone. One man with a good rifle and some glass sights did the deed.

Best Tactical 1-6x Scope/LPVO of 2024

  1. Monstrum Alpha Series 1-6×24 Tactical Rifle Scope
  2. Monstrum G3 1-6×24 FFP Rifle Optic
  3. Sig Sauer SOI61231 Tango6T Tactical 1-6x
  4. Trijicon 1-6×24 VCOG Riflescope
  5. Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6×24 30mm Tube Optic
  6. Sightmark Triple Duty M4 Tactical 1-6×24
  7. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle SFP 1-8×24
  8. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 X24mm SFP
  9. Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm SFP

1. Monstrum Alpha Series 1-6×24 Tactical Rifle Scope

best tactical 1-6x scope

Coming in at number one we have the Montrum Alpha, the best tactical 1-6x scope on the market today.

The Monstrum Alpha series glass sights are a major step away from the commercial level glass sight as applied to the AR-15 style rifle, but for the average guy that shoots on a weekend target event, or wants a sight for that once a year trip associated with the deer or small game hunter this budget sight could be just the glass you’re looking for.

With a magnification level of 6X,  as the military has found the scope is very workable to 600 yards regardless of target size.  The scope is set up in the first focal plane FFP which uses the MOA reticle for elevation and windage adjustments in the field.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated in an 8625 hard anodized finish in sand brown, the scope takes on a military look without question. The 30mm tube is gas sealed, weatherproof, and totally waterproof as applied to field use.

Using 6061 aluminum the scope carries some construction features that are found on glass sights costing many time the price of this scope.

2. Monstrum G3 1-6×24 FFP Rifle Optic

Monstrum G3 product image

This scope carries the standard MOA reticle that is illuminated for low-light shooting conditions.  This is a basic tactical scope designed for short-action rifles like the AR assault gun. The scope makes use of easy to read and use ranging sub tensions and also uses external no cap adjustments as in some other tactical glass sights.

The dial-controlled reticle allows for multiple brightness control and allows for faster hold over target acquisition as well.

Built with a one piece tube using aircraft-grade aluminum the scope is designed to take punishment in the field.

3. Sig Sauer SOI61231 Tango6T Tactical 1-6x

Any time the government of the United States turns an eye toward a new development in rifle scopes for military adaptation you can be sure the public will take notice and also a new market will be coming into view shortly after the fact. 

This is the whole deal with the new Sig Tango as offered in a copy to the military scope of the same design at least in the basics.

Tango is a chopped bell combat scope set up for the shorter receivers associated with the Ar-15, and even the M-10 and other related variants of US combat arms.

This scope carries 1-6x glass and a 24 objective lens. The glass is also set up with sub tensions, they match the ballistics associated with the .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO round as the sight will replace current ACOG systems in use today by the general infantrymen. 

Because the sight has increased magnification and with high power setting of 6X this glass will be serviceable to at least 600 yards under combat situations. That makes this an idea mid range glass sight for use of hunting, target steel, and paper punching setup by the public at large. 

Open turrets on the Sig SO161231 Tango is set up for fast adjustments regarding range extension, better grade glass for solid light control, and built tough to take a pounding in the field this scope is going to be winner.

4. Trijicon 1-6×24 VCOG Riflescope

Trijicon is a company that has been building military-grade ACOG systems for many years. As such they know military and better grade glass very well.  This scope is the top end in the marketplace and best used when professional requirements in glass sights need to be followed.

The Red Horseshoe reticle is matched with the 55 grain .223 bullet. The scope is set in the first focal plane FFP, allowing the ballistics reticle to be used at any magnification required of the shooter.

The scope reticle is illuminated in red and will run for a service time of 700 hours by way of a set of 4 to 6 AA batteries. ( scope style depended as several battery power styles are offered )

Windage and elevation settings will roll up to 90 MOA, and the scope is available in ½ MOA clicks at 100 m.

Waterproof to 66 feet, and illumination electronics are Mil-Spec rated.

The scope makes use of an integral Weaver-style base system sold with the scope as a single unit. Easy on and off mounting is the base design used here.

5. Trijicon AccuPoint 1-6×24 30mm Tube Optic

This scope as offered by Trijicon is built in nine different models. These modifications from the factory include changes in reticle design, with everything from Mil-Dot types to German #4 Crosshair styles with green dots.

The 1-6 x 24 is a standard as applied to military-style AR-15 scopes within current inventory offerings by the industry today. The price of this scope is a massive reduction as applied to some other Trijicon models, but rest assured that the scope will get the job done well, being military, police, or civilian requirements.

The scope retains a high-quality lens that is multi-coated and provides very positive light gathering abilities.  The battery free illumination using the Trijicon fiber optic technology automatically adjusts the brightness level and contrast of the aiming reticle using available lighting conditions. 

Built with aircraft-grade aluminum the scope is all weather field tough. Built-in the second focal plane the target size will remain consistent throughout the range of magnification changes.

In terms of military applications, the forward lens will not illuminate any reflective light that can be detected by an aggressor during low light operations.

6. Sightmark Triple Duty M4 Tactical 1-6×24

Just using the term M4 puts this scope in a special classification when it comes to moving AR-15 style glass into its proper place in the lineup of rifle glass products.  However, based on the unit pricing of this scope, the scope is a look alike when it comes to military based sighting systems, and built as a basic general use civilian model in that general area of rifle scopes.

The scope uses oversize high towner turret set to ½ MOA  elevation adjustments. The focusing knob is easy to reach being it is mounted on the left side of the turret housing.

Optics are stated to be precision quality and multicoated. In this area, I would be somewhat cautious, due to the fact that at its price point the lens glass can not be of a massively high quality. As I have stated here many times, you’re going to get what you pay for in rifle glass every time.

The reticle on this unit is based on the circle dot style sub-tensions.  MOA ( Mil-Dot ) display can be used for elevation and windage adjustments on the fly.

This scope is offered in three different models and is designed for both long and medium-range shooting. The 1-6×24 is a basic scope lacking all the bells and whistles found on some of the other models, but given its design, it will serve adequately as a general use field scope.

7. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle SFP 1-8×24

Here we have a scope that jumps a bit to the 8X power setting, but in every other respect is built exactly like other scopes in this market classification. Therefore I have decided to include the scope in this listing being I know the product and can say without question that it is a good scope for the money as it will serve the target shooter, hunter, or even police officer well in the field.

This scope is flexible in terms of applications. The true 1x on the low end is outstanding for tight running shots, or an expansion of a field of view when searching a target zone.

The magnification ring includes a larger quick throw lever making for fast operational effeminacy even when wearing heavy gloves in cold weather. The BDC3 reticle brings the eye to a sharp focus faster than some other systems, and also allows for quick hold over to 650 yards.

Using the 30mm tube this scope is built to last in that it retains a whole lot of extra room for strong large internal parts.

Light gathering ability of the scope is at a high level and in keeping with the brand in terms of all its firearms optical products.

Built very strong the scope will fight off water, cold and possible shock during field use as well. This is a great middle of the road optical system in terms of pricing.

8. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 X24mm SFP

As a second Strike Eagle by Vortex, we turn to the standard 1-6 X 24 glass sight option. This scope will work well in three-gun competition or field applications for a hunter and even law enforcement. The scope has several ranges in price depending on exactly what you buying regarding the specific model (Brownells). The reticle is glass etched for permanent long-life expediency, and carries the illuminated BDC reticle, making it a solid choice on quick adjustment for known target ranges. 

For speed shooting, the scope mounts a threaded throw lever, retains fully coated lens surfaces and is water and fog proof being it is gas-filled.

The scope comes with a complete Weaver-style claw mount and rings.

9. Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm SFP

A company that holds the record for the best sniper scope ever used in the US military is Leupold and the grade and deadly M4. Even today you can’t get the glass sight save for military only. I have commented on this because anyone that thinks that Leupold can’t cut the deal regarding quality and performance had better go back to grade school. In the area of the 1-6 x 34 mm, few can touch the quality associated with this brand name.

Built on an aircraft-grade 30mm main tube body the one piece unit is totally fog proof, waterproof, and ultra shock resistant. 

This scope allows both eyes open shooting and the reticle is available as an illuminated system. In truth, Leupold can custom set anything you want in a scope as they are American-built products with a manufacturing source that buyers can contact with ease.

With a weight of 23.6 ounces and a length of 11.9 inches long, the scope is compact enough for use on the AR platform, AK 47’s, or even short receiver lever-action rifles. I shoot the scope design on my Remington 870 Turkey Special, as it is set up for both day and night hunting being varmints or game animals. 

How Far Can You Shoot With A 6-Power Scope?

Although the 1-6x powered optics are for close range and quick access on target, it would enable you to shoot up to 600 yards.  To remind you one old rule for scope using on a big game is about 1 x magnification per hundred yards.

More realistically and ethically would be to use a 6x-power scope for hits on the big game out to 300 yards, and maybe a bit farther in a good light. If you’re looking to shot a bit further, you might want to but a bit more magnification power, take a look at your write up on the differences between 1-6x vs 1-8x LPVO scopes. (1) (2)

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