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Hello and thanks for visiting our site. We are your home for everything optical devices for hunting, bird watching, tactical shooting and much more. We deal with rangefinders, scopes, binoculars, etc.

We are your optical home for everything ranging from scopes to rangefinders. In a world where having a gun alone is not enough; people are spending more on optical devices. If you’re always looking and learning about the next new optical device, then you’re at the right place.

We want to help fellow enthusiasts learn more about optical devices. Whether you’re looking for the best riflescope or the latest binocular for bird watching, then we are here to help!

Think of us as experts in the optical industry. We are pretty good at what we do and know how to explain stuff. You can be sure of getting informed of the latest news and development in the optical industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our readers recommendations of the best hunting and firearm related products in the United States. Our goal is to help one million gun owners in the US with their buying decisions every year.

We fulfill this mission by reviewing and hand testing hundreds of products every year to bring the best money can buy.

Who We Are

The team of RifleGearLab.com is a group of hunting and firearm enthusiasts. We have professional shooters, gunsmiths and hunting contributing to this site with over 100 years of combined firearm experience.

Our reviews are evidence and factually based. All claims and recommendations we make is based on the facts and field tests. We cite all sources and are exceeding transparent with our reviews.

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What To Expect

  • A comprehensive resource on the best optical devices in the industry explained in a simple and clear manner. There is a lot that goes on in selecting the best optical device to match the user needs. Newbies usually find it difficult selecting the best optical device. We explain the use of each device and how it works. This makes it easier for you to choose one.
  • We vet and recommend products that we think are the best from hundreds of choices in the industry. This helps our readers save time and energy reviewing hundreds of products.  We don’t choose for you but only recommend the best.
  • Detailed ‘how-to-articles that help our readers and followers learn useful tips in the optical industry. Our articles are pretty simple and straight to the point saving you time learning on a new tip and tricks.
  • Some amazing references to further your knowledge of optics.
  • We also share amazing videos in the optics world. Some of these videos explain and show how to use your scope, rangefinder, binoculars and much more.

What Not To Expect

  • Biased reviews that go towards promoting specific products. We don’t work with any manufacturer and only review products that we believe are worthy of your money.
  • Spam you with unnecessary emails once you subscribe to our email list. We will only send you emails with good stuff that are worth reading.
  • Political issues… we try as much as possible to stick to optics and leave politics to politicians.

How We Work

Before recommending any products, we buy them with our funds and test them. After careful research and testing, we pick top products that we think are the best and offer good excellent value for money.

At no point are we paid to review a certain product. All products featured are there due to their merit.

See our page on how we review our products for more information.

How Do We Make Money

We earn a small commission once you buy a product through our independently chosen links (AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU). This way, we keep bringing you the best stuff in the industry and reviewing more products.

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