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Barrett Model 98B Bolt Action Info [Price & Ammo] 

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Barrett Model 98B with bipod

*Disclaimer* We are in no way associated with the firearms manufacturer: “Barrett Firearms Manufacturing” (https://barrett.net/).

Barrett is known for manufacturing large-caliber, long-range rifles that can withstand battlefields. One such rifle is the Barrett Model 98B, also called the Barrett Model 98 Bravo. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at this firearm and its capabilities and how it holds up against similar models.

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Barrett Model 98B Fieldcraft

The idea of the Barrett Model 98 Bravo was first conceived in 1997. Barrett wanted to create a tactical firearm chambered for .338 Lapua. While the prototype was presented at a S.H.O.T. Show in 1998, it was never produced.

Barrett dropped the idea, only for his son to pick up the project again, leading to the production of the 98B in 2008. 

Many features of the Model 98B make this weapon great for long-range precision shooting, making it suitable for law enforcement and military use. It’s also ideal for civilians who participate in long-range hunting and target shooting.

Thanks to its durability, versatility, and accuracy, this rifle is popular among people who demand optimum performance and reliability from their guns.

Now, the Barrett manufacturing company offers this rifle as either a single firearm or a kit. The kit comes with a telescope sight and a proprietary Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) that includes a programmable digital ballistic computer mounted on top of the telescope sight, providing you with shooting data.

The straight-line design of this rifle allows for faster and more accurate follow-up shots, which come in handy when hunting big game. And with an efficient muzzle brake, recoil is significantly reduced.

Speaking of the muzzle brake, it certainly operates as intended. As soon as the bullet leaves the muzzle, the gasses behind it escape and hit the muzzle brake walls, causing a forceful redirection that protects the crown and pulls the firearm in the same direction as the bullet. This means less recoil for the shooter, creating a smoother shooting experience overall.

Separated upper and lower receiver of Barrett 98B on a table

Many features of the 98B model have been inspired by AR-15/M16 rifles that were designed by Eugene Stoner. A good example is the ergonomic grip, which prevents muscle fatigue and gives you total control over the adjustable trigger.

Another example is the thumb-operated safety that users can quickly access without jeopardizing the firing pin. Also, the hinged aluminum construction in the upper and lower receivers comes from Stoners’ design.

The upper receiver has a Picatinny rail (18.125 inches) for mounting lasers, optics, and other accessories. The lower receiver is made of 7075 aluminum and can mount any form of M-16 or AR-15 pistol grip, and it also comes with an ambidextrous magazine latch.


The average price of a Barrett 98B rifle is about $3,995. However, the cost can vary based on factors such as accessories, the model, and location.

Safety Recall

There have been some safety concerns with the Model 98B, which forced Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. to issue a safety recall. From their statement, they admitted that the rifles could experience some safety issues when dropped or hit by force.

Fortunately, the issue can be rectified easily by replacing the receiver safety latch. Anyone who owns this rifle between serial numbers 98B00003 to 98B00775 has been asked not to operate it until examined by their Service Department to prevent injuries. Gun owners won’t be charged for returning or modifying the firearm.

The return process is simple. Gun owners have to fill out a Model 98B Safety Recall Registration and ship the model back to the factory free of charge. If your gun has accessories like a lock knob and monopod, shooters have been asked to remove them before shipping the gun to Barrett.


Silver and copper bullets

The Barrett Model 98B is available in several variants, starting with caliber, barrel length, accessories, and finish. This bolt-action sniper firearm is chambered in .338 Lapua. Such a cartridge is perfect for delivering a significant punch to a faraway target.

Considering it was originally developed for snipers targeting hostile enemies located at 1,000 yards, that makes sense. But for a civilian, the 338 Lapua is great for pursuing big game like moose, bear, and elk.

The fieldcraft versions of the Model 98B are available in calibers such as .300 Win Mag., 7mm Rem Mag., and 6.5 Creedmoor.


The effective range of a Barrett 98B rifle varies depending on various things, such as the shooter’s ability and the ammunition used. For instance, the .338 Lapua can reach between 1,200 to 1,600 yards. Skilled shooters might successfully hit longer ranges than that.

While the effective range of a .308 Win cartridge is less than that of a .338 Lapua cartridge, it’s still over 1000 yards, making the Barrett model 98B great for long-range shooting.

Barrett 98B vs MRAD

Both the Barrett 98B and Barrett MRAD are long-range precision rifles with plenty of similarities, such as providing caliber options. However, they also have some differences.

For instance, the Model 98B doesn’t have a folding stock, while MRAD does. This gives the MRAD advantage of being easy to pack and carry.

Another difference is in the operating system. The MRAD features a distinct bolt-action system, while the Model 98B features a traditional one. MRAD’s bolt action system is better as it enables faster bolt cycling, leading to consistent accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Barrett MRAD and 98B?

The main differences between the Barrett MRAD and 98B are in the bolt action system, the style of attaching the barrel to the chassis, and the folding stock. The Model 98B lacks a folding stock, and the barrels are tightly fixed to the chassis.

What is the muzzle velocity of a Barrett M98B?

The muzzle velocity of a Barrett M98B is about 3,100 feet per second. That’s around 960 meters per second.

Does US military use Barrett?

The US military uses Barrett rifles as they are accurate for long-range shooting.

How much does a Barrett M98 weigh?

The Barrett M98 weighs about 12.4 lb (5.6kg). That’s the 20-inch barrel. The 27-inch barrel weighs about 13.5 lb (6.1kg).

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