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X-Vision Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know

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With so many thermal scope companies out there to choose from, it can be hard to tell which is the best when it comes to glass. X-Vision Optics is a relatively new company that offers a range of products, including thermal scopes.

Discover whether X-Vision thermal scopes are worth the buy.

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X-Vision Company Overview

X-Vision Optics calls Red Wing, Minnesota home. The many products they offer are the same ones the founders use on a daily basis on their own hunting expeditions.

Founders Chris Shimek and Rich Bodensteiner spent much of their childhood outside. It’s this same experience that’s pushed them to offer superior products to their customers that are guaranteed to perform.

In fact, many of the same values they grew up with and experienced in nature are the same they use to run the company today. If you’re looking for a homegrown optics company to support as it, in turn, supports the community, X-Vision Optics should be at the top of your list.

As a smaller company, X-Vision Optics has the advantage of giving its customers a more personalized experience. From the products they choose to offer to the support you can find for any of your issues, X-Vision Optics brings all the perks of a small business to the table.

X-Vision Optics started out as a night vision company. The lineup of products now includes red dots, binoculars, monoculars, rangefinders, KRAD scopes, flashlights, thermal scopes, and reflex sights.

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The company also participates in many industry events, from Shot Show in Vegas to many outdoor and sportsmen expos around the nation.

When Was X-Vision Started?

X-Vision Optics was started just a few years ago and has since grown tremendously. Only recently did it partner with Midway USA to offer some of its products through this well-known retailer.

Where Was X-Vision Started?

X-Vision Optics was started in the upper Midwest in the United States. The company is currently located in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Where Does X-Vision Make Its Products?

It’s not clear where X-Vision makes its products, though they are tested against real-life conditions to ensure the best performance possible.

Do X-Vision Thermal Scopes Have a Warranty?

X-Vision Optics offers a 2-year warranty on products from the original date of purchase as long as you have the original receipt and images of the damage or defect. You can visit the X-Vision Optics website to submit a Warranty Claim Form to start the warranty process. (1)

That said, warranties don’t cover close-out or discontinued items and products that have defects from not following product instructions under normal use conditions.

Where Can You Buy X-Vision Thermal Scopes?

You can buy X-Vision Optics thermal scopes online or at several major retailers. You may even be able to purchase X-Vision Optics thermal scopes second-hand if you scour online.

Are X-Vision Products Worth It?

Though X-Vision Optics is a smaller company still establishing its reputation, many shooters have found X-Vision Optics products well worth it. Several major magazines and shooting websites speak highly of the optics company as well as its products.

The only drawback is that there isn’t a wide selection of thermal scopes in their catalog, and they’re not as big as other brands out there. But if you’re looking for a decently priced thermal optic that features many useful functions that other quality scopes retain, then X-Vision products are definitely worth considering.


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