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Where to Buy Thermal Scopes: Everything You Need to Know  

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If you plan to go hunting at night, you’ll need a scope that’ll help you track your target and observe more clearly under those conditions. While night vision goggles can be good for some situations, thermal scopes offer better visibility as they help you narrow your focus more easily.

But, while you might understand the value of using a thermal scope, where can you find them for your rifle? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the top three vendors. Here’s everything you need to know about where to buy thermal scopes.

Where to Buy Thermal Scopes

Optics Planet

When it comes to scopes, monoculars, and other optics-related products, Optics Planet is one of the largest and most comprehensive online storefronts we’ve seen. No matter what you’re shooting or what game you’re hunting, you can find a scope to fit your needs. Optics Planet carries all the major brands, and the site allows you to customize your search to find exactly what you need.

Part of the appeal of buying from a major retailer like this is that many items go on sale regularly. The site also offers various discounts, including seasonal, manufacturer discounts, and reduced prices for military personnel and vets. Overall, if you can’t find something on Optics Planet, it probably doesn’t exist. (1)


  • Massive selection of thermal scopes
  • Intuitive website layout
  • Regular sales and discounts offered
  • Easy to search for specific products
  • Sells other hunting and outdoor items


  • Selection can be a little overwhelming
  • Site isn’t as sleek as others we’ve seen
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If you’re looking for high-end scopes made by the top manufacturers, EuroOptic is an excellent website. 

As with Optics Planet, this site offers a vast selection of scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and other optics equipment. However, its focus is a bit more narrowed, as you can’t find other apparel or hunting gear. Simply put, EuroOptic is focused on one product type and offers the best of the best.

That said, many of their most-popular scopes are also the most expensive, so be prepared to drop a pretty penny when making a final purchase. However, because these products are so high-quality, they should last for years without breaking or needing service and maintenance.

We like the layout and interface of this website a little better than Optics Planet, but a sleek site design shouldn’t make or break your decision to buy. Focus on the products that matter most and go from there. 

Additionally, EuroOptic also offers an industry account option for military, firearm instructors, and NRA members. These accounts can help you get discounts and special deals, so it’s worth it to apply if you qualify. (2)


  • High-quality scopes
  • Slick user interface
  • Easy-to-use menu navigation
  • Wide selection of brands and scope models


  • Most scopes are pretty expensive
  • Can’t purchase secondary hunting equipment


Unlike the other two sites above, Brownells is an online gun store that also sells thermal scopes and other optics equipment. Because of this difference, the selection on this site is more limited. That said, if you’re looking for affordable scopes and don’t care too much about the brand, Brownells offers some choice selections.

Plus, if you’re looking to purchase hunting weapons, you can be sure your scope will fit your new purchase. Brownells also sells gun parts and accessories so you can keep your arsenal in tip-top shape. (3)


  • More affordable selection
  • Can purchase firearms and scopes in one spot
  • Simple layout and navigation


  • Limited selection compared to other sites
  • Some scopes are not as high-quality

Direct From Manufacturer

Once you find a scope brand you like, you can contact the manufacturer directly to get a custom-made version. This option doesn’t always work as manufacturers usually don’t sell directly to consumers. However, some brands are more open to the idea, and you may be able to save money since you won’t have to worry about marked-up pricing.

Overall, we only recommend this route if you want something custom-made for your rifle. Otherwise, you might have to jump through hoops to get something, so it’s not worth the hassle.


  • Ideal for custom scope jobs
  • May be able to reduce the price


  • Not all manufacturers sell directly to customers
  • The process may take longer and be more expensive in the end

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That is a tough questions to answer, as it depends greatly on your needs and price range. See our full article on the top IR heat seeking scopes on the market. We cover a range of scopes at different price points.

Are There Good Podcasts or Forums Where I Can See Reviews?

Yes, there are a number of good thermal scope forums and podcasts out there where you can get insider’s opinions on IR optics.


Where can you buy a thermal scope with a military discount?

You can buy a thermal scope with a military discount at Optics Planet or Brownells. At EuroOptic, military personnel can sign up for an industry account to get special deals.

Where can you buy cheap thermal rifle scopes?

You can buy cheap thermal rifle scopes at Brownells and Optics Planet. Optics Planet in particular is know for offering frequent sales.

Where can you buy Pulsar thermal scopes?

You can buy Pulsar brand thermal scopes at EuroOptic and Optics Planet.


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