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Where Are Burris Scopes Made in 2024 [Surprising]

Dakota Potts | Updated February 25, 2024 | Why You Should Trust Us | How We Earn Money
Burris scope on a hunting rifle

Before buying a rifle scope, it’s good to know a little bit about the company. Burris rifle scopes are pretty popular, and if you’re like us, you may be asking, where are Burris scopes made? Well, here’s what you need to know. 

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Where Are Burris Scopes Made?

Because Burris Optics is such a large brand with so many products and distributors, the company doesn’t manufacture all of its scopes in the same location. 

For that reason, Burris scopes are made in Japan, the Philippines, and some in the United States. Unlike other brands, Burris Optics doesn’t produce its products in China. 

So, as a sporting optics company, it can still boast that it makes high-quality sporting optics, not cheap products like some of its competitors. 

However, if you only want a USA-made Burris scope, you’ll have to buy a Burris XTR III. That’s the only optic in the Burris line that’s made, assembled, and distributed in the United States. 

Why Don’t They Manufacture in the USA?

Burris Optics outsources its manufacturing to other countries for the same reason as any other company – cost savings. Both labor and raw materials cost far less overseas, so the brand can save enough money to offset the expenses of transporting and importing its products to the US. 

As a rule, the manufacturing process for Burris scopes works like this – parts are produced in Japan, sent to the Philippines for assembly, and then shipped to the United States for a final inspection and distribution.

This supply chain helps keep costs down while still delivering high-quality sporting optics. Contrary to popular belief, a rifle scope can be excellent if it’s foreign-made, just as an American-made scope can be disappointing. 

Overall, what matters is the quality of the materials and assembly process, and it seems that Burris monitors each step of its manufacturing for quality assurance and control. 

Where Is Burris’ Headquarters?

Burris Optics is headquartered in Colorado. Although it was acquired by the Beretta family in 2002 (15 years after the founder, Don Burris, died), its headquarters still remain in the United States. 

Product Lines Made in the USA

Person holding a Burris scope

Although most models are made overseas, you can still buy a 100-percent American-made Burris scope – the XTR III. Everything from raw materials to assembly is handled in the US, so you can feel confident that the scope hasn’t had to ship across an ocean to reach your rifle. 


The XTR III is designed to be a long-distance competition scope, and it delivers exceptional clarity and quality. Its magnification range is 5.5-30x, so you can spot targets over 2000 yards away with ease. 

Other features that make this Burris scope extremely popular include advanced elevation and windage knobs, 11 brightness settings, and a quick-detach race dial.

Product Lines Made Outside of the USA

Most Burris scope models are made outside of the US, including some of the most popular and versatile makes. Here’s a rundown of each scope made overseas. 


Burris bills the Veracity scope as the “top-of-the-line” model for hunting. It comes in multiple sizes and magnification ranges. On the high end, you can buy the 5-25x model for long-distance hunting. On the short end, this scope has a 2-10x range. 

One thing we like about the Veracity is that it can come with either a front or rear focal plane. Front focal planes adjust the reticle size depending on how much you zoom. Rear focal planes have a reticle that stays the same size no matter what. 

Since many shooters have a preference, it’s nice that you can choose the option you like best. 

To illustrate the versatility of the Veracity scope, here’s a review of everything it can do. 


If you’ve been shopping for Burris rifle scopes, you know that models like the XTR III and Veracity can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, the company also makes an affordable model with the Fullfield series. 

Although this scope is not as precise or rugged as others we’ve seen, it holds up to most wear and tear. Plus, the housing is practically weatherproof, so you can take the scope anywhere at any time and still hunt with clarity of vision. 

Another thing we like about the Fullfield scope is that you can choose from one of seven reticle types. This way, you can pick the one that suits your style of shooting the best rather than having to adapt to something you may not like. 

Burris Signature HD

Although the Burris Fullfield is the most affordable scope lineup, the Signature HD is one step above. So, if you’re looking for something that’s a bit higher quality but don’t want to break the bank, you should go for a Signature HD model. 

As with other Burris scopes, this lineup comes in multiple sizes and magnification ranges. It’s built tough with a hard outer shell, and you can pick the reticle type you like best. The knobs are also immaculate and super precise for better hunting capabilities. 

Fastfire Optics

Burris Fastfire on a white background

While a variable zoom scope works well for hunting, what if you need to do some close-quarter shooting? For those situations, a red dot sight is a must. The Fastfire scope is Burris’ red dot option, and it comes in multiple styles. 

We like that you can mount this red dot on various firearms, including shotguns, handguns, rifles, and even other scopes. For many shooters, it pays to have multiple sights on a single weapon so they’re always prepared for any situation. 

Finally, while weather conditions don’t affect a red dot sight very much, you can add a weatherproof “hood” to your scope. This way, it won’t collect water or debris while you’re shooting. 

Are Burris Scopes Worth It?

Yes, Burris rifle scopes are comparable to other high-end optics in their class. As we mentioned, the fact that a scope is made overseas doesn’t guarantee it won’t hold up. Burris makes a wide array of high-quality spotting scopes, red dot sights, and mounting hardware to help you find your target more easily. (Reference: Where are Burris scopes made)

For comparison, Vortex scopes, which are often considered among the best, are almost all manufactured overseas. 

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Burris Veracity scope on a black rifle

Are Burris rifle scopes made in China?

No, Burris rifle scopes are not made in China. Scope parts are made in Japan, assembled in the Philippines, and distributed from the United States. 

When were Burris scopes made in USA?

Burris scopes were made in the USA when the company was founded in 1971. It’s unclear when Burris started outsourcing its manufacturing.

Are all Burris scopes made in the USA?

No, not all Burris scopes are made in the USA. All rifle scope models are made overseas, with the exception of the XTR III. 


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