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Thermal Scope Rental: Where Can You Rent IR Optics?

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Thermal scopes are one of the more expensive optics on the market, and with such high prices, it can be difficult to make such a purchase without trying a few out first.

But here’s the perfect solution to that:

Why not just rent them?

With thermal scope rentals, you can test out several models without a huge commitment. In addition, if you’re going on a guided hunt, these rentals can provide support so you don’t have to spend more money on optics.

Where to Rent Thermal Scopes

If you’ve decided you want to rent a thermal scope or two, finding companies that participate can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of companies that offer thermal scope rentals.

Each of them will have its own rules and guidelines, but they all offer a wide selection of thermal scopes to choose from. Where will you take your thermal rental next?

Texas Thermal Scope Rental

Local Texas residents can take advantage of thermal rentals from the following companies:

Feral Texas Outdoors

This company allows you to rent a thermal scope for 3 days total, with the first day starting on the day you receive the scope. They also work on a national scale to offer thermal scope rentals to residents outside of Texas. 

Prices range from $150 per day to $300 per day, depending on which thermal scope you choose. Brands include AGM, Bering, and iRay.

Down Range Thermal

You can rent thermal scopes from this company as long as you’re local to Austin, Texas. Prices start at $199 per weekend, depending on which scope model you choose. Brands offered include Pulsar and IR Defense. 

However, be aware that Down Range Thermal does hold a required deposit of $1,000 to $2,500 on your card until the rental is returned. If you’re new to thermal optics, they will also demonstrate the features of the optics you rented before you take possession of them.

In most cases, these companies will require a driver’s license or state ID and a credit card on file. You can also contact them directly to discuss terms and conditions, as well as discounts.

Other States

If you’re traveling to a hunting destination not located in Texas, some companies will ship their thermal scopes to you as part of their rental contract:

Ultimate Night Vision

This company ships thermal scope rentals nationwide to let you try them before you buy. In fact, you can apply your rental fee towards purchasing a new unit if you so choose. 

What’s more, there are a dozen thermal scopes to choose from, including models from REAP, IR Hunter, Infiray, Photonis, and N-Vision. Plus, if you do decide to purchase the model of the scope you rented, you’ll get a brand-new one.

image of trijicon IR hunter thermal optic mounted on a rifle

Night Vision Rentals

If you want to try out thermal scopes from Pulsar, Atlas, iRay, N-Vision, and Halo-X, check out Night Vision Rentals. This company ships the scope to you in a protective case, complete with a return shipping label. You can also apply the total of your first rental to purchasing that scope.

Note: These companies can be particularly useful if you’re planning a guided hunt. Depending on the company you’re contracted with, you may be able to send your thermal scope directly to them to arrive in time for the hunt.

Why Would You Rent a Thermal Imaging Scope?

Renting a thermal imaging scope has upsides and downsides. Here are a few you should consider before you sign on the dotted line (1),(2).


  • A great solution for one-time hunts or expeditions
  • Test out and compare different brands before making a purchase
  • Experience high-end technology without the commitment
  • Practical solution if your own thermal scopes get damaged or fail
  • Some companies pay for return shipping as well


  • You could be renting stolen military property or gray market scopes
  • You’re responsible for the cost of the thermal scope if you damage it
  • Thermal scopes are subject to availability
  • Rental thermals are technically used devices, so they can potentially fail at any time
  • You may have to pay return shipping with insurance, which can be costly

Can You Buy Used Thermal Scopes?

In short yes, buying used thermal scopes is quite common and is a great way to get your hands on a thermal without spending as much as you did on your truck.

Can you Finance Thermal Scopes?

Also yes, financing thermal scopes is another less know but very viable option for those looking to purchase an IR optic and don’t have 5 grand sitting around…

More On Cheap Thermal Imaging For Hunting

If you’re interested in learning more about affordable thermal optics, make sure to check out our full article on cheap thermal imaging for hunting. We cover the best budget thermal scopes available for purchase on the market today, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to go hunting.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can You Buy Used Thermal Scopes?

Yes, you can buy used thermal scopes. Companies such as ATN offer refurbished scopes that are tested before they are sold. You can also purchase used scopes from outfitters such as Dark Night Outdoors and Midwest Thermal Optic.

Can You Rent a Thermal Scope?

Yes, you can rent a thermal scope. Feral Texas Outdoors and Ultimate Night Vision are two popular options. If you’re going on a guided hunt, you can also contact your guide to see if they work with any local businesses to rent out thermal scopes. If this is the case, you may be eligible for a discount through your guide.


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