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Sig Sauer Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know  

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Sig Sauer has been in business for a long time, with their various company operations spanning nearly two centuries. With a history of impacting the firearms community, this company’s past is filled with significant value.

Now offering some of the most premium quality thermal optics that money can buy, their small selection of thermal scopes indeed has a big impact.

Sig Sauer Company Overview

Sig Sauer is a company that started with a much different name and purpose at its creation. Originally makers of fine wagons and railway cars, the company eventually joined the firearms industry when contracted to create rifles for the Swiss government. 

After showing their ability to produce numbers and quality, their rifles soon became part of the Swiss Defense plan and have proven their worth over the many decades.

When Was Sig Sauer Started?

Sig Sauer was created in 1853 as a wagon and railway car company. They became SIGARMS Inc. in 1985 and eventually transitioned into the Sig Sauer moniker in 2007. SIG stands for Schweizerrache Industrie Gelscallachaft, meaning Swiss Industrial Company.

These name changes coincided with major moves in the company’s history and reflected in an interesting way the changes in their goals. (1)

Where Was Sig Sauer Started?

Sig Sauer began above the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. It is from these humble beginnings that the company grew and eventually ended up moving business into the United States. This came in the early eighties, along with it came a new focus on innovation.

Where Does Sig Sauer Make Its Products?

Currently, all Sig Sauer products are manufactured in the United States. Originally located in Virginia, the company has since moved operations to New Hampshire. 

Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, all the manufacturing is done at their Exeter, New Hampshire facility. So, all SIG products are proudly manufactured in the United States.

Here’s a great overview of one of their thermals available:

Do Sig Sauer Thermal Scopes Have a Warranty?

Sig Sauer has a top-of-the-line warranty, with a lifetime warranty on any hardware you purchase and register with them. They also offer a five-year warranty on any electronic components part of their products. 

Moreover, they have an excellent customer support department and are easy to get a hold of to communicate issues.

Where Can You Buy Sig Sauer Thermal Scopes?

The first place to look is their company website (sigsauer.com) to eliminate the middleman by buying directly from the manufacturer. They are also available at most reputable sellers in the United States, like Optics Planet, Midway USA, and even Bass Pro Shops, though they could cost a bit more.

Are Sig Sauer Products Really Worth it?

There are pros and cons to any thermal scope, but SIG thermal scopes are currently some of the best on the market. They are an investment, with the lowest-priced model in the mid $2,000s and the more expensive model coming at more than $3000, though this is a solid middle-of-the-road price as far as scopes go. 

You will get your money’s worth with an 8-hour battery life, even with heavy use. They are also wifi enabled to allow you to customize the KILO software controlling your preferences, and they not only enable photo capture but also video recording in 8 different color palettes, so you can find your favorite.

SIG Sauer produces some of the best scopes available to civilians, so if you can afford them, they are a great addition to your gear.

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