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Trijicon Optics RMR Footprint & Compatible Red Dots

Dakota Potts | Updated February 25, 2024 | Why You Should Trust Us | How We Earn Money
A pistol with an RMR footprint optic mounted on top

Buying an optic with the wrong RMR footprint is going to cost you time and money.

I know from experience…

In the past decade of working in the industry, I’ve seen it all.

But you’re in luck.

I’m about to show you exactly what I’ve showed hundreds of customers over the years buy the correct optic, every time.

You’re in good hands.

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Red Dots That Are Compatible With the Trijicon RMR Mounting Standard

Few sight configurations can compare to the accuracy and effectiveness guaranteed by fitting a Trijicon RMR optic on your pistol.

It comes with a rugged build, multi-coated lens, adjustable windage/ elevation, and is multi-platform ready for different primary applications.


There are benefits to other red dots that might draw you due to your own preferences and use, the price being one huge factor.

That’s why I’ve made a list of red dots compatible with the Trijicon RMR mounting standard so you can skip the hassle of scrolling through page after page to find your options.

Holosun 507C mounted on a pistol

Now, the top of the slide of a pistol only mounts the plates, and the plates are what mounts the optics.

That’s why you want red dots that will fit RMR cut aftermarket slides and adapter plates.

All these red dots are compatible with the RMR footprint and will secure the sight reliably.

So, with that said, here are the current RMR footprint optics that fit the Trijicon standard.

  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-020 Raptor
  • ADE Advanced Optics RD3-019 Stingray
  • Holosun 407C
  • Holosun 507C
  • Holosun 508T X2
  • Riton X3 Tactix PRD
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Trijicon SRO

Trijicon RMR Footprint Dimensions

Trijicon RMR footprint example image and diagram image

The Trijicon RMR footprint is the most popular and industry-standard footprint we currently have, and it’s an effective optic configuration for pistols. 

Now, when we say footprint, we’re talking about the configuration of the mounting area. The dimensions of that mounting area, the screw positions – that’s the footprint.

It’s what affects the size and shape of the optic you can mount.

So it’s crucial to get it right…

This mounting standard has two sockets to pin on the front and two holes for screws in the middle of the sight.

Its compact nature is among the primary reasons for Trijicon’s RMR widespread popularity in the shooting community, with dimensions of 1.8 x 0.95 x 0.97 inches.

What to Expect From the Trijicon Optics RMR?

Trijicon RMR optic on a handgun

If what you’re after is the Trijicon Optics RMR, here’s more about it so you can make an informed decision and decide whether this may be better than the other options listed above. 

You probably already know that the Trijicon Optics RMR is a famous red dot pistol sight that offers you more than what an average scope can.

It features among the top-selling new wave of red dots with hardened elevation and windage dials, adjustable brightness, and a longer-lasting battery.

This RMR has a patented impact-absorbing housing that diverts damage-causing elements to increase durability.

It also comes with a forged aluminum housing that is waterproof and remains functional for up to 20 meters underwater.

Not too bad, eh?

But it does come at a higher price. If you’ve got the budget for it, it certainly isn’t a bad choice. Check out this video to find out more:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RMR mean in optic?

RMR in optics stands for Rugged Miniature Reflex. These devices feature a metallic or plastic frame housing the lens where the red dot is projected. Using it only requires placing the red dot on the target before firing.

Is Holosun 507C the same footprint as RMR?

The Holosun 507C and the RMR do share the same footprint and are both high-quality, tough, and durable optic options for pistol owners. What differentiates them is the affordability and additional features the Trijicon Optics RMR provides.

Does Holosun have an RMR footprint?

Holosun pistol optics are compatible with RMR footprints. Although they share a footprint with Trijicon, Holosun products provide superior lens clarity and reticle options. It’d help to confirm that the Holosun sight purchased is compatible with the mounting patterns on your weapon.

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