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Pulsar Thermal Scopes: All You Need To Know

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Pulsar is a company headquartered in Europe that makes very promising thermal scopes for civilian use. Are you in the market for a great new thermal scope that can take your hunting trips to the next level? 

Read on for an overview of Pulsar and find out whether their products are the equipment you need to enhance your experience.

Pulsar Company Overview

Pulsar is a company that strives to provide the best possible product to its customers. Founded by friends looking to take their hunting game up a few notches, they have reached lofty goals and excellence ever since. 

They outline their mission with the statement, “…we are driven by the passion to see what is beyond the visible, to reach for the invisible, and to make a sight an unforgettable moment,” truly embodying the sport of the hunt.

When Was Pulsar Started?

Pulsar was started in 1991 with the goal of making advanced optics available to all who wanted it. They provide professional-grade thermal scopes to civilians who demand to excel. The Pulsar brand was an offshoot of the original company and came about in 2004, producing optics only. (1)

Where Was Pulsar Started?

Pulsar was started in Europe, specifically in Lithuania. They are now a part of the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide company umbrella and still have their headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, to this day. 

In fact, they run all operations from here with other satellite offices in Europe and the United States.

Where does Pulsar Make Its Products?

Pulsar optics products are still proudly manufactured in Europe. They do have several manufacturing facilities in undisclosed locations where different parts and components are made, but they do not manufacture in the United States. 

As they create all their software and firmware for the optics they produce in-house, they guarantee that their devices are optimized to ensure quality for their customers. Additionally, they operate in over 70 countries worldwide and ship all products globally from Europe.

Do Pulsar Thermal Scopes Have a Warranty?

Pulsar provides a warranty on all of its products. They guarantee a warranty for materials and craftsmanship for three years from the product’s purchase date and rechargeable batteries for a year from its purchase date. 

However, they require that any device you own of theirs is registered with them if you want to take advantage of the full warranty. If you do not register the product or do not have the receipt, you will get a warranty period of three years starting from the date of manufacture plus six more months. 

Additionally, a time extension is added for any time that Pulsar has the product to fix any issues it may have.

Where Can You Buy Pulsar Thermal Scopes?

Pulsar thermal scopes are available from most firearms retailers. You can go online to buy from a reputable dealer like Optics Planet, MidwayUSA, or Palmetto, or visit a local retailer or gun store – many local shops keep them in stock.

Are Pulsar Products Worth it?

Pulsar scopes are good devices that are worth their price. They aren’t the “best of the best”, but the company aims to provide high-quality products that will last and meet very specific consumer needs. 

They function well, and they rarely have issues. Plus, they are reasonably priced and have a good warranty. If you can find a Pulsar thermal scope that fits your needs, it is a safe bet that you will get the product offered exactly as described.

Top Thermal Scope Brands

Other than Pulsar, there are many different thermal scope brands out there. Make sure to check out this article if you’re interested in more.


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