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N-Vision Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know

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It’s undeniable that thermal optics are becoming more and more common among the everyday hunters and weapons enthusiasts of the current time. Not only for military or law enforcement, anyone who wants to can purchase and use a thermal optics device.

And one of the more popular brands out there that stand out in the thermal game is N-Vision, a producer of night vision and thermal optics that brings quality to their customers.

N-Vision Company Overview

N-Vision has established itself as a trusted manufacturer and resource for optics products on a global scale

They pride themselves on adhering to the core values of quality, innovation, and customer service, striving to provide their customers with the best products they can design and manufacture. 

What’s more, they have had their ISO Certification since 2010 and are proud to uphold the high quality they promise, always considering their customer’s needs and the next great product they can develop to meet those needs.

When Was N-Vision Started?

N-Vision was founded in 2003 and specializes in designing and manufacturing premium night vision and thermal optics devices. They also focus on distributing their products and have thousands of them in use today.

Where Was N-Vision Started?

N-Vision started in Needham, MA, which is still where their main facilities can be found. In fact, they take pride in employing local professionals in their operations and assembly facilities.

Where Does N-Vision Make Its Products?

N-Vision’s headquarters in Needham, MA, is also where they manufacture all of their night vision devices and thermal scopes. They are proud to make their products in the United States instead of leasing the work overseas somewhere. Their products may not be the most affordable, but you get real quality when you spend money on one of their devices. (1)

Here’s a video to see their quality thermal Halo XRF model in action:

Do N-Vision Thermal Scopes Have a Warranty?

N-Vision offers one of the better warranties you can find on these types of products. They give a ten-year warranty on all their night vision products and a five-year warranty on thermal imaging systems that they make. 

Although, this warranty becomes void if products were used in a manner other than their intended use, if they are altered without the permission of N-Vision, or if they were discontinued and their parts can no longer be found or purchased. 

Be sure to follow the procedures on their website to ensure that your warranty claim is processed correctly and that you receive the replacement you need.

Where Can You Buy N-Vision Thermal Scopes?

N-Vision thermal scopes are sold at specialty retailers across the United States. They have shops that sell their products in over half of the states in the union. Some of the biggest online retailers operating today sell their products, such as Midway USA, Thermal Optics Plus, and Legacy Outdoor, to name a few.

Are N-Vision Products Worth it?

N-Vision products are high-quality and manufactured in the USA. They do all their R&D in-house, so if these are specifications you are concerned with, the higher prices on many of their products may not be a problem for you. 

Yet, while the products are good quality, the high prices make them inaccessible to some in the market to buy a thermal scope. So, while they may be worth it to some, and you will get what you pay for – plus a great warranty – these might not be worth it to all the consumers in the market currently due to the high price you will be paying.

Who Else Makes Thermal Scopes

In addition to N-Vision, there are many other companies who make thermal scopes. Be sure to check out our full article on the subject to learn more.


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