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Barrett Model M95 Info: Magazine, Accuracy & More

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Model 95M Barrett with a mounted scope

Produced by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company, the M95 was made for the military, and today it’s considered a classic of its kind. 

This rifle has cemented its place among long-range fans because of or despite its unusual design. Not sure what we mean? Keep reading to find out.

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Model 95M Barrett

The Barrett M95 is a bolt-action anti-materiel sniper rifle that was introduced into the market in 1995. Most features of the M95 model are similar to Barrett M90. The former is an upgraded version of the M90, with the major difference being that the trigger and the pistol grip have been moved forward by about 25mm.

One may assume that 25mm is a very small number. However, it led to a significant change as it allowed better magazine clearance and easy handling of the weapon.

The M95 was intended for law enforcement and elite military units. This led to the weapon being picked for US Army trials. However, because the demand for weapons had changed, the US Army didn’t select it but rather went with the XM107, still a product of Barrett company.

The M95 is basically a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Barrett M82, only that the former is manually operated while the latter is a semi-automatic rifle. The bullpup layout on the M95 reduced the overall size and length of the weapon, but the performance and barrel length remained the same as the M82.


Simply put, the accuracy of the M95 is pretty good. With that said, accuracy will depend on various factors, such as a shooter’s skills, the ammunition used, and the environmental conditions.

But generally, this rifle is capable of outstanding accuracy at long ranges. Its effective firing range is about 2000 yards, while the maximum firing range is 7,400 yards, with a muzzle velocity of 2,800fps. Most shooters say that its accuracy might be better than the Barrett M82, but that opinion is subjective.

Another factor that contributes to accuracy is the fluted barrel. It reduces heat buildup and, in return, helps shooters maintain accuracy despite extended firing sessions. 

Aside from that, the solid stock design and adjustable trigger ensure the shooter remains comfortable, thus contributing to accuracy.


The Barrett M95 has a 5-round detachable box magazine made of steel and holds five rounds that are fed into the chamber smoothly.

Detachable magazines are convenient compared to fixed ones because they make it easy to reload the gun.

When going hunting or to a shooting range with your M95, you can carry multiple magazines and switch them out quickly instead of stopping to reload.

Unfortunately, such a magazine comes with a few disadvantages as well. It adds unnecessary weight to the rifle, and if not properly secured, it can get lost or stolen.


The Barrett M95 doesn’t come with a monopod. Instead, it has a detachable bipod that aids in stability when shooting. However, it also accepts a third-party adjustable monopod for additional stability.

If you want to improve accuracy and reduce fatigue, consider installing a rear adjustable monopod, as it provides additional support. That said, the later models do feature a rear monopod.

Barrett M95 vs M82

Model 95M barrett vs barrett M82

Even though the Barrett M95 is an upgraded version of the M90, it resembles the Barrett M82 more than the M90. In fact, it’s essentially a manually operated model of the M82 with a bullpup layout (the M82 is a semi-automatic rifle).

The M95 is more compact and lighter than the M82. That’s because the M95 is 45 inches while the M82 is 57 inches, so the M95 is easier to carry around in comparison.

While the M95 uses a 5-round detachable box magazine, the M82 uses a 5- or 10-round detachable box magazine, giving it the upper hand on convenience. It also prolongs that wonderful feeling of unloading bullet after bullet in quick succession, which is always great.

The barrel length and muzzle velocity of both rifles are the same, and despite the upgrades, the performance remains the same.

So, when it comes to selecting between the two, the choice is up to you. The M82 is great thanks to a greater magazine capacity, while the M95 is lighter to carry around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What caliber is the Barrett M95?

The Barrett M95 caliber is 50 BMG. It has bigger and heavier bullets, ready to deliver reliable shots and take down small to medium-sized game at long ranges.

What is the difference between the Barrett M95 and M99?

The difference between the Barrett M95 and M99 is that the M99 lacks a detachable magazine. Also, unlike the M95’s receiver, which is made of two parts of steel, the M99’s receiver is made from one block of aluminum.

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