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Barrett M468 Model 6.8 SPC Info [Price & Suppressor]

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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has been at the forefront of producing high-performance weapons, and the Barrett M468 is no exception. 

With almost a similar configuration as the AR-style rifle, this firearm was produced as an upgrade to the M4 carbine. Let’s dive into the details of this model.

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Barrett M468 Model Info

The Barrett M468 is a modification or upgrade from the popular M4 Carbine but rechambered to accommodate a heavier 6.8mm bullet for enhanced ultimate performance. The name M468 is derived from the M4 carbine, and the 68 stands for the 6.8mm SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge).

Thanks to the 6.8 SPC, this weapon delivers great energy to the target, which is probably one of the selling points that made this model popular.

This rifle was manufactured in an attempt to create the perfect Special Operations short-to-medium range carbine for CQB. However, the company stopped producing this rifle in 2010.


The Barrett M468 barrel is threaded, allowing muzzle attachments like the suppressor to diminish or muffle the sound produced by the gun. This proprietary silencer, optimized for the 12-inch barreled model, weighs about 1 pound and is 12 inches long.

The gas block has a ratchet that stabilizes the suppressor when mounted. The suppressor design is also effective, easy to attach and detach, and doesn’t “shoot loose.”

16” Upper Receiver Kit

Another key feature of the Barrett M468 model is the 16-inch upper receiver. It was made of solid aluminum and meant to accommodate the 6.8 cartridge. 

Even when the production of the M468 stopped, Barrett continued to sell their limited stock of this rifle but only as an upper receiver kit instead of the whole rifle.

M468 Magazines

Since the M468 couldn’t use the same magazines as those from the AR15/ M16 family, they had to design their own. Barrett Magazines were made of steel instead of aluminum and featured a steel follower instead of plastic or aluminum.

The End of the M468

Barrett M468 model with a mounted scope

Unfortunately, the M468 didn’t last as expected. One can blame this unfortunate event on the direct gas impingement system. This was the same system used in the M4 carbine.

The problem with such a system is that it transports unburnt propellant and hot gasses directly into the firearm’s receiver. This leads to overheating. And if the shooter overlooked the usual cleaning and regular maintenance protocols, potential stoppages were to be expected.

In addition, this rifle was meant to be an improvement to the M4 5.56 NATO cartridge. That meant a more powerful cartridge. Unfortunately, such a cartridge only worsened the receiver’s issue.

In the end, the M468 became less reliable than the rifle it was trying to replace. 

Today, the M468 has been largely replaced by the Barrett REC7, which is an upgraded version. As it operates through a short-stroke piston, it reduces the problems with the gases in the receiver.

With that said, it’s hard to find the M468 for sale as the company stopped producing it in 2010.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Barrett M468?

The Barrett M468 is between $3,000 and $4,000.

What are the different types of Barrett .50 cals?

The different types of Barrett .50 cals include the M82A1, M82A2, and M107A1. The M82A2 is no longer in production.

Is the Barrett 50 cal bolt action?

The Barrett 50 cal is a bolt-action rifle.

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