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LPVO Youtube Channels, Forums & Podcasts of 2024

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Buying and installing an LPVO on your rifle is the first step to leveling up your shooting skills. However, if you want to avoid operating complications, you’ll need to learn more about these scopes beforehand.

Online is the best spot to find valuable resources about LPVOs. Find out the YouTube channels, forums, and podcasts dedicated to teaching you more about rifle scopes.

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Places Online Where People Talk LPVO Scopes


YouTube is one place to find free resources discussing LPVOs and other firearm accessories. Most renowned manufacturers and retailers have channels on the platform dedicated to sharing more information on the products they offer. 

You can also find freelance YouTubers that release really informative videos on professional shooting and firearms. Here are some of the channels you can check out:

Vortex Optics

Vortex Optics is an established brand in the firearms industry. As such, they also have a YouTube channel discussing some of their products and general shooting-related topics. 

The great thing is that some videos they’ve posted are explicit to LPVO scopes and how to manipulate one effectively.

Primary Arms

Another popular firearms brand is Primary Arms. Visiting their channel on YouTube will give you info on firearm accessories and other related products. The videos they post will help you learn about their product’s features and use them effectively.

Garand Thumb

Apart from the prominent firearm brands, you can still learn more about LPVOs from freelance YouTubers like Garand Thumb. This YouTuber has hundreds of videos covering various topics about guns, accessories, gear, and equipment.

I personally find his videos quite thorough and viewers ranging from beginners to seasoned shooters will find some value in his stuff. Here’s a taste of his content:


Interacting with like-minded individuals is also a practical approach to learning new things. The internet has several forums that give you a space to discuss firearms-related topics. The following platforms are perfect for expanding your LPVO knowledge:


If you are a firearms enthusiast, then you should know about AR15.com. It’s a popular firearms forum with a section dedicated to optics. You can have insightful discussions on LPVO scopes and find answers to user-specific queries.


Another forum worth considering when learning more about LPVOs is SnipersHide.com. SnipersHide is a website focusing on long-range shooting. You’ll find a forum on the website discussing LPVO scopes and other sighting devices as well.


Podcasts are perfectly curated audio files sharing information on specific topics. You can learn more about LPVOs by finding the right podcasts to stream. Here are some you could consider:

Precision Rifle Media

Precision Rifle Media informs and inspires shooters on the ins and outs of long-range shooting. You can find helpful information on LPVOs from the many episodes shared on their platforms. In addition to podcasts, you also get access to product reviews and other relevant media.

The AR-15 Podcast

The AR-15 podcast is another podcast dedicated to modern shooting. The platform shares essential information on firearms and accessories like LPVOs to help up your shooting game. You can listen to their shows on Apple Music, YouTube, or their official website.

Firearms Nation

If you aim to become a better shooter, it’s high time you visit Firearms Nation. Their website has a lot of information on firearms and accessories like LPVOs and red dots. You can advance your knowledge of LPVOs by listening to their podcasts, attending their events, or reading their posts.

My Thoughts

The information sources I’ve set out here are perfect for kick-starting your LPVO learning journey. It’s up to you to identify which approach works best for you. The platforms have varying user rules, so be careful not to get banned because of inappropriate actions.

It would also help to follow safety guidelines when operating your firearm and its optics. In case of any issues, consult a professional before reconfiguring your equipment.

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