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LPVO Scopes For Home Defense: Are They a Good Option?

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Most of us get firearms for home defense. But what use is that gun if it can’t help you aim at your target and take your shot? Here’s where optics like an LPVO come in.

With the many optics in the market, most people have questioned whether LPVOs are the best for home defense. Let’s find out.

And after that, take a look at our article on the top 1-4 LPVOs available where we discuss the perfect optics for home defense.

Is an LPVO Good For Home Defense?

Some of the reasons LPVOs have grown in popularity are that they are great for both short and long ranges. That versatility is the reason these scopes are mentioned so often.

LPVO scopes are suitable for home defense because they allow for quick target acquisition. As research has found out, defense is the most common use of guns in the US. That means using guns at close quarters is very common. (Reference 1: Home Defense Firearms)

On the market, you can find LPVOs with a low magnification range, allowing you to easily acquire your target. You want this feature for home defense because your target will probably be close by.

Another feature that makes LPVOs great for home defense is their improved accuracy. Because they allow you to zoom in, they increase the chances of making an accurate shot, especially if your target is partially hidden or further away.

Moreover, they’re easy to use, thanks to their illuminated reticles. Even in low-light situations, you can still see your target. This is very important when you have to defend yourself at night.

With that said, we also have to warn you that while LPVOs may be good for home defense, they aren’t the best – or at least not for everyone. Some people will prefer red dots, and others will say LPVOs are best.

In our opinion, both optics are good. It will just boil down to the user and their preferences.

Check out this video that compares both optics for close-quarter combat:

LPVO for Close Quarters

LPVOs are great optics for close quarters. Thanks to their low magnification settings, they allow shooters to acquire their targets easily. An ideal magnification setting for short ranges is between 1X to 4X.

A good example is the Monstrum Alpha Series 1-4×24, designed to give shooters a clear image even in harsh environments or low light conditions. It also has an easy-to-see reticle, which is important when shooting at close range.

LPVO Scopes on a PDW

Adding LPVOs to personal defense weapons (PDWs) is a great idea because of the benefits we’ve discussed, such as faster target acquisition and increased accuracy. Also, these sights are versatile enough to be used in various situations.

A trend that we’ve noticed recently is the use of an LPVO with an offset red dot mount. This is catching on with PDWs because users enjoy the benefits of a close-range red dot sight and a magnified optic.

The setup allows for both close-range battles and long-distance engagements. However, in home defense situations, your target is rarely far away. So you probably don’t need an offset red mount, as an LPVO will still allow you to acquire the target. However, if you feel that this will boost your acquisition times, go for it.

Another popular combo is the LPVO with an illuminated reticle. Using this setup for your PDW can help in low light conditions as the reticles will make it easier to see and aim at your target, allowing for an accurate shot.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing an LPVO for Personal Defense

One of the things to consider when deciding if an LPVO is right for you is magnification. For self-defense, a range of 1-4x or 1-6x will serve you sufficiently. (Reference 2: LPVO Scopes)

You should also check the eye relief, ensuring it’s generous enough to allow quick target acquisition. We think three inches is good enough. Another feature to look at is the reticle. Ensure it allows you to see even in low-light conditions.

For more reading see: red dot vs 1-4 LPVOs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better red dot or LPVO home defense?

Red dots are generally better for home defense than LPVOs. Thanks to the green or red dot and unlimited eye relief, target acquisition is faster. Although LPVOs can also perform well like red dots, they take the second position when comparing both.

Is LPVO good for CQB?

LPVOs are good for CQB but may not be the best. What they offer is versatility. There are other optics, such as red dots, that perform better in close-quarters combat.


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