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How to Adjust AK Front Sights Without a Tool [Pro Opinion]

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Adjusting the front sight of an AK-47 is crucial for accurate shooting. However, not everyone has access to specialized tools designed to make this process easier. 

Luckily, there are alternative methods that you can use to adjust the AK front sight without the need for any specific tools. Just follow the process below and you’ll have that front sight accurate in no time.

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Key Takeaways

  • Adjusting the AK front sight without tools is possible using many alternative methods.
  • A hammer and empty cartridge case can help with windage adjustments.
  • Elevation adjustments are achieved by screwing the front post in and out while windage adjustments are made by shifting the cylinder in the front post left and right.

How to Change AK Front Sight

Close up of the front sight post of an AK

Adjusting the AK front sight without a tool can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely possible. 

One common method to adjust for elevation is to use a pair of needle nose pliers. With this, you can reach in and grab onto the AK front sight post to turn it. 

If you’re looking to lower the point of impact, move the post upward. Or, if you want the point of impact to be higher, screw the sight post downward. 

Be careful not to apply too much force, as this can damage your sight and disturb its alignment.

Now, a popular method among AK owners to adjust windage is using a bullet and a hammer

Grab a bullet with a soft point or hollow point since they’re less likely to deform. Place the bullet’s tip against the cylinder that holds the sight post in place, then gently tap the other end of the bullet with a hammer or mallet to adjust the sight.

If the front sight has a pin that needs to be removed, needle-nose pliers can also be used to do the task. Carefully grab the pin with the pliers and gently work it back and forth until it starts to loosen. 

It’s essential to apply steady pressure to ensure the sight post doesn’t get damaged in the process. Once removed, you can make the necessary adjustments to the sight post and reinsert the pin.

Another tool you can use is a bearing puller if you have one handy. Gently and slowly twist the puller to move the sight post, making sure to keep the puller in place.

Hand holding a bearing puller to an ak front sight post

Keep in mind that the entire process may need some trial and error, so don’t be afraid to make incremental adjustments. And always remember to check and test your rifle’s sight after making changes.

As you can see, there are several methods to make an AK-47 front sight adjustment without a dedicated tool. With a bit of patience and some simple tools, it’s very achievable and straightforward to do.

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Traditional AK Sight Adjustments

If you want a more dedicated tool to make your sight adjustments, you can get the proper adjustment tool like the one below:

A sight adjustment tool held by hands

With this tool, you can adjust both elevation and windage. To adjust the former, use the end of the sight tool with the notch and attach it to the pin on the sight.

Finger pointing to a notch on the end of a sight adjustment tool

Turn it upwards if the point of impact (POI) is high and downward if the POI is low.

Fingers holding a sight adjustment tool attached to a pin on a front sight

Now, on to windage. The C-clamp tool has an opening with a push pin that can be screwed in to move the post.

Hand holding a sight adjustment tool with a grassy background

Simply attach the C-clamp to the front post and align it with the pin and hole. Adjusting the front sight to the left will move the point of aim (POA) to the left while adjusting it to the right will move the POA to the right.

C-clamp sight adjustment tool attached to a front sight

While aiming, it’s crucial to remember that the AK rifle’s front sight works in conjunction with the rear sight. 

The rear sight, which is typically fixed, has a range adjustment system that slides on a sight leaf. This can be positioned on pre-set marks, representing 100-meter adjustments, to help with elevation.

When Your AK-47 Shoots Left

It happens to even the best marksmen: occasionally, your AK-47 might shoot to the left of the intended target. Luckily, it’s a simple process to fix this issue, and using one of the methods above will do the trick.

Before that though, first check and ensure you’re using the right ammunition for your rifle to avoid any inconsistencies affecting your aim. Next, check that your scope or rear sight is securely mounted and correctly aligned, as they can also contribute to poor bullet trajectory.

Now, let’s focus on the front sight adjustment. 

If your AK is shooting left, it means you need to move the front sight in the opposite direction (to the right) to compensate. To do this without a dedicated AK sight tool, use a hammer and a bullet with a hollow point to push the sight gently but firmly.

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Brace your AK-47 on a soft surface (a folded towel or gun mat should do the trick) to protect it and ensure stability during the adjustment process. Place the tip of the bullet on the cylinder on the left side of the sight post and gently tap the hammer against the other side of the bullet to gradually move it to the right. 

AK-47 front sight post

Make small adjustments and re-test your aim with each change, as nudging it too far in one direction can send your shots off target even more.

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By following these steps, you should be able to correct your AK-47’s leftward bullet trajectory and significantly improve the gun’s shooting accuracy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a DIY AK sight adjustment tool?

Creating a DIY AK sight adjustment tool is simple, as all you need is a small, flat-headed object, like a screwdriver or nail, and a rubber or wooden mallet. Place the flat head against the sight’s windage drum or elevation post and gently tap it with the mallet to move it in the desired direction. 

What’s the top AK-47 sight adjustment tool?

The market offers various AK-47 sight adjustment tools, but one popular choice is the Magna-Matic Defense AKFST Front Sight Adjustment Tool. It’s designed specifically for the AK platform and is known for its quality and ease of use.

How can I remove the AK front sight?

Removing the AK front sight requires a punch or similar tool, a soft surface, and a rubber or wooden mallet. 

First, stabilize the rifle by resting it on a soft surface. Position the punch against the front sight’s retaining pins and gently tap it with the mallet until the pins are removed. Carefully slide the front sight off the barrel, being cautious not to damage any parts of the rifle.

What range is zero in AK47?

The most common zero range for an AK-47 is 100 meters (109 yards). This means that the rifle is sighted in for that distance, so shots will hit the point of aim within a reasonable margin of error. However, depending on the user’s preference and intended use, the zero distance can be adjusted.

How do I change the AK front sight?

Changing the AK front sight involves removing the existing sight and installing a new one. Once the original sight is removed, align the new front sight with the barrel and insert the retaining pins. 

Gently tap the pins into place using a punch and rubber or wooden mallet. After installation, adjust the sight for windage and elevation to achieve proper zeroing.

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