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Barrett BORS Nightforce System: What to Know [2024]

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One thing that determines if you’ll make precise shots is the right ballistic calculations. If you get that wrong, you miss your target. 

Now picture a device that does these calculations for you. That’s what the Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) is. Keep reading to learn more about it.

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Barrett BORS Ballistic Computer

A military sniper or precision target shooter must account for several things when adjusting scope settings before taking a shot at a long distance. While the average person can play around with the knobs and take a couple of shots to ensure everything is on target, not everyone has that luxury.

Military snipers or someone hunting only gets one shot, and it has to be accurate, or they’ll miss their chance. They have to consider the distance to the target, temperature, elevation, wind conditions, etc. Calculating all these things takes a few minutes.

This is where the Barrett BORS steps in. It calculates these factors, making your work easier. This device has sensors that measure barometric pressure, bore line angle, and air temperature. The user only needs to input the relevant data, like the specifics of the chosen cartridge, and the BORS does the rest.

Using this device eliminates the need to count clicks, use a handheld computer or calculate mil dots. Instead, it lets you focus on other environmental conditions and engage multiple targets at different ranges.

In addition, BORS is versatile as it’s compatible with various types of scopes and rifles, making it a great accessory for long-range shooters. And while this system may be popular among snipers, if you’re a competitive long-range shooter, you’ll also appreciate it.

Check out this video that explains further how the BORS works:


Aside from BORS, there are a few ballistic calculators that work similarly to the Barrett device. Some of them include:

  • Kestrel Ballistic Meters: Unlike Barrett BORS, Kestrel Ballistic Meters are handheld. However, they still deliver the uncompromised accuracy required in long-range tactical operations. They measure environmental conditions like air pressure, temperature, and humidity. In fact, they’re so effective that law enforcement and the military trust them while in the field.
  • Applied Ballistics Analytics: A PC-based or mobile app program that uses advanced algorithms to generate drop charts and compare trajectories. Such programs provide shooters with accurate firing solutions.
  • Hornady 4DOF: This was the first ballistic calculator that could determine the precise vertical shift the bullet experiences when it runs into a crosswind, also referred to as aerodynamic jump. This ballistic calculator takes into account elevation, windage, angle of attack, and range.

Barrett BORS: Discontinued

While the Barrett Optical Ranging System was an exciting innovation, unfortunately, the company no longer produces this device. Today, it’s almost impossible to find this product in the market.

Fortunately, there are a few alternatives like those we’ve just mentioned, which you can get to enhance your shooting capabilities.

Which Ballistic Calculator is Good?

There is often a lot of debate about which ballistic calculator to use. However, the key is learning how to use what you have appropriately. After all, the output you get will depend on the input.

While they may differ, with some having advanced capabilities, at the end of the day, the math remains the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Barrett BORS work?

Barrett BORS work by measuring the barometric pressure, temperature, and bore line angle, automatically calculating the ballistic solution of the selected cartridge. This allows the shooter to focus on other factors and engage multiple targets at different ranges.

Why did Barrett discontinue BORS?

Barrett discontinued BORS because of technical and practical issues. Plus, with other companies developing different types of optical ranging systems, it was becoming harder to maintain BORS.

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