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Best Glock Upgrades in 2024 (Models 19, 43x, 40 & More)

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Glocks are popular and this has a good reason but it does not mean that we cannot make them even better.  Glocks are the go-to gun if you like upgrades and customization, they have one of the best aftermarket support for gadgets upgrades and mods.  Let’s be honest Glocks are cool guns well thought through well-engineered and they bring all the essentials with them right from the factory, this means none of the upgrades are necessary to be able to use them, but they are fun to put on, also they make your Glock easier to use more reliable and more precise.

You can hit with a factory version but you might hit just a tad better with your custom gun and this is also faster.  Today we will talk about Glocks and how we can make them even better.

Best Glock Upgrades

1. Surefire X300 Ultra

Surefire X300 Ultra product image

Let’s come to a part that I quite frankly consider that important that it comes pretty close to the word essential.  When you use your Glock for self-defense, there are three most probable usages. 

  • First, your carry gun concealed or not
  • Second, it can be your gun for carry
  • Third, for home defense

For the home defense situation, I highly recommend the following item.

For car defense it is quite useful too, for a carry gun it is nice to have. But you can easily live without it, so what I’m talking about is a really good light.  When we take a look at the home defense situation when will it happen most commonly.

In the night, equally common is that you will not be the only friendly person in the house. There are roommates, family members, neighbors with keys who have asked to take care of your home, neither one of them you want to greet with a fast flying and potentially life-ending projectile.  You want to see who you shoot at without switching on the main light hence the pistol light,  at the same time it gives you two more advantages.  Whether it’s in the center of the light once you switch it on will also be the center of the flight path of your bullet.  Also, whoever is entering your house without permission might do so straining his eyes to see something in the dark, he will not be prepared to stare right into the center of a very bright light, followed by a loud bang and even brighter flash.  In other words, for a short moment you can identify your target aim and slow its reaction down sufficiently to be in less danger of getting shot yourself and all of this with your pistol light.  

A carry gun or car defense gun might be used equally easily in bright daylight or within an artificial light situation.  However you might also need your car defense gun at night and in low light conditions, so it makes sense here.  Although this applies to your carry gun as well the fact that you carry it around with you might rather tell you to keep it a light instead of adding the weight of a light.

2. Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever

Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever product image

One weakness of the Glock? Yes, something like this exists is the slide stop lever, not every shooter finds them comfortable to use.  

There are ways around it. An empty magazine keeps the slide from going forward,  once we’re loaded racking the slide will overcome the stop.  

However, there are shooters like me who like to just activate the lever to chamber the first rounds. In that case, the rather small lever that comes with the gun does not always allow to do so consistently, the extended side stop lever solves the problem quite easily. 

3. Glock Extended Magazine Release

Glock Extended Magazine Release product image

Hitting the magazine release does go smoothly for many shooters but some have to shift the grip a little bit to just reach it. This means for those shooters, they have to loosen the grip every time they want to reload.  

On the range that might be fine, but in a real self-defense situation, this might cost you the fight. With the extended magazine release, these problems will be history.  You might also use some sandpaper to adjust the size and edge right to your specific needs.

4. Ghost 3.5 Pound Trigger Connector

Ghost 3.5 Pound Trigger Connector product image

The Glock trigger is not the worst that you can get but also not the best. There are better ones out there especially for precision shooting or for people with weaker hands.

There are a lot of nice solutions out there but one of the most reliable ones is the ghost 3.5-pound trigger connector.  

However it does not really get the trigger pulled down to 3.5 pounds, it is more like 4 pounds but it is still so much easier pulling that trigger and consistently hitting the target with it. 

5. Glock 3 Dot Night Sights

Glock 3 Dot Night Sights product image

No sights no hits, it is that easy.  Now the sights on the factory Glock are pretty decent no doubt there. But there’s still some room left for improvement.

This comes into play especially when the light conditions are less than optimal. In such a moment, you would still like to see which way your little projectiles go and therefore you need sights that are still visible. 

The solution to this is the Glock 3.9 sights, they do give you just enough light to make them out clearly without compromising your position.  You can engage the target even when it’s hardly visible. 

6. Talon Grips 

Talon Grips product image

Another annoying weakness of the Glock at least from my experience is the grip. It just does not lend itself to a nice sliding in there and holding the gun steadily.

There are some self-made solutions that include soldering irons and palmer grips.However I do not like to roughen up the grip of my gun that way, maybe that’s just me.

However, there are alternatives they come in the form of talon grips with rubber they are made more grippy and allow you to steady the gun when the recall of a plus p round reaches your hand.  Even on a hot summer day after a lot of work in super sweaty hands, you can hold that gun. 

7. Extended Basepads

We all like our Glocks so much that we even buy these smaller ones as a backup for our wives or just to complete our collection.  

However, our baby Glocks like the G26 and G43 do not offer much real estate when it comes to holding the gun,  that makes sense as it is supposed to be small.  

However less real estate means less service to hold on that affects accuracy, there’s a solution.  There are extended base pads out there, especially the pier scripts, that give you the grip surface you need.  They might be counterproductive when you carry the gun but even for this, there is a solution: carry the gun with one mag without base pads and have your reload mace ready for those little extensions, this way you can have more precision after a tactical reload.

8. Fiber Optic Sights

Truglo Tfx Fiber Autumn Tritium Sights product image

An upgrade for the range and competitions are some nice Truglo Tfx Fiber Autumn Tritium Sights.  They give the edge when it comes to a fast target acquisition.  Three green glowing points help you day and night to line your sights correctly.  For precision under the pressure of time, try them, train with them and see how much you improve.

9. Upgraded Drop-In Trigger

Apex Glock Trigger product image

Another great help on the range is the Apex Glock Trigger.  It is actually a whole system that includes a trigger, trigger bar and a disconnector. Just take out the standard trigger and drop it in the eggpex, then you have a quick stop that shows you when the ease and squeeze begins, followed by a clean break and a very short reset, you can hit much better and place follow-ups much more precisely.

10. Custom Glock Slides

Another nice to have upgraded is the Grey ghost precision Glock slide.  This is more for customization but it also comes with its advantages.  One of them is the really cool look, more importantly. However, it is the tight fit, that allows you to shoot with much more accuracy.  

An alternative to the Bernal’s Glock slide that offers you a better look and better accuracy as well but at a lower price.  In the end, it is a question of your personal taste which look appeals the most to you and which slide gives you the greater precision.

11. Custom Glock Barrels

The Lone Wolf Glock barrel allows you another step in the customization process of your gun.  With it comes the option of having a threaded this allows you to mount a suppressor if you feel the need for that.  

It comes with a more traditional rifling that allows you to also shoot lead bullets without having to worry too much about lead building up inside. Furthermore, with it you can have a caliber conversion quite easily, you can change your 9mm to 40 cal or a 357 sig in no time.

12. Red Dot Sights

Red dot sight product image

We had a night sight and a Fiber optic sight but now we arrive at the best you can use.  When it comes to aiming the red dot sights for your Glock, one of the best to use is the Trijicon RMR.  It offers you a clear sight picture with a nice little dot that is not too small to see but also not too big that it covers the target.  

With it, you can acquire the target very fast and shoot with unparalleled precision. However, this comes at a price, but with a 4-year battery life, you have the comfort of just changing the battery every presidential election.  

A great plus is that it’s not too bright for Night Vision optic, with them you still see the red dot flawlessly in the target as well, also it is waterproof. 

If you just want to shoot very well but do have some kind of limit on your budget,  you get the best deal or rather the best bang for your buck with the Vortex Venom 3 MOA. Here you also get out a very well-placed shot in no time. However, it does not go well with night vision as it is too bright.  It is light and also waterproof. (1)

How to Remove Glock Sights

Now that you’re about to upgrade your Glock, you might need to know how to remove Glock sights easily. Our article covers everything you need to know to quickly swap out your sights.

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