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Armasight Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know  

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When you purchase a thermal sight, you want it to perform, and you want to perform well. How can you ensure you can get the best for the money you have to spend? Well, Armasight thermal scopes can certainly help you get the outcome you want. 

Reliable and reasonably priced, here’s a look at everything you need to know about Armasight thermal scopes.

Armasight Company Overview

Armasight has gone through some significant changes during the few years they have been in business making thermal imaging scopes. Ownership has changed hands twice, and they have been discontinued and then revamped to become the company they currently are. 

But in brief, Armasight is a proud innovator in the thermal scope market, and they stand behind their products and reputation.

When was Armasight Started?

Armasight was founded not too long ago, in 2011. Founded by industry veteran Dimitry Rocklin, the company was acquired by the FLIR company in 2016 and then discontinued in 2019. 

However, they made a triumphant return in 2022 at the SHOT show with Rocklin back in the driver’s seat as the Head of Product, now owned by Excentria. The new ownership has shown to be a good fit so far, and Rocklin’s innovations continue to impress.

Where was Armasight Started?

So, this company was founded in the USA and now makes products to serve individuals in the military, hunting, law enforcement, search and rescue, and the serious outdoors people looking for quality thermal imaging scopes that they can rely on. 

In fact, the new owners have stated they are committed to making sure that the company still holds the same high standards for innovation that it did when it was founded in 2011.

Where Does Armasight Make Its Product?

Armasight is headquartered in San Fransisco, CA, and its products are made in the USA from components that are either produced there as well or sourced from trusted global manufacturing partners. They only use the highest quality components to ensure Armasight thermal scopes function optimally at all times.

Do Armasight Thermal Scopes Have a Warranty?

Yes, Armasight offers a standard warranty on their thermal imaging scopes. This warranty covers components and workmanship for one full year from the date of purchase of the scope. 

That said, if you go on their site and register your product within 60 days of purchase, you are entitled to receive an extended warranty covering the same items for a period of three years. Both warranties are considered to be limited warranties. (1)

Where Can You Purchase Armasight Thermal Scopes?

One of the best, easiest places to purchase a scope from Armasight is through the company’s website. They also have many authorized dealers to assist in your purchase if you choose. 

You can find Armasight thermal scopes online at sites like Optics Planet, Midway USA, and Palmetto. Or you can purchase them at hunting and specialty stores like Bass Pro Shops and other smaller local businesses that have contracted with Armasight to sell their products.

Are Armasight Products Worth It?

Ultimately, our assessment is that Armasight indeed makes very nice scopes. As they are meant to be available for military and law enforcement, they are somewhat more exacting and precise than other scopes on the market. 

Currently, they offer two thermal scope options, both priced at over $4,000. Now, the warranty is a bit lacking compared to other similar products, with higher price points than others. That said, if an Armasight thermal scope is what you’re after, you will get a quality, well-made thermal scope to help with your endeavors.

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