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AGM Thermal Scopes: All You Need to Know

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When buying a thermal scope, competitively priced optics that are also of high quality can sometimes seem hard to come by. So what is an enthusiast supposed to do when they are looking for optics that give them the performance they need while remaining at a price point that is affordable for someone with a reasonable budget?

Well, they try AGM Global Vision.

AGM Company Overview

AGM is a company focused on providing products that are on the cutting edge of technology to deliver performance that exceed the customer’s expectations. They were founded by three individuals with a track record for creating these types of optics, with the three founders having a combined 65 years of experience in the electro-optics market niche.

Where was AGM Started?

AGM was founded in Springerville, Arizona. The company has brought a lot of work to the tiny town of just under 2000 people. While they also have offices in Miami and Grand Prairie, TX, Springerville is the place they began. (1)

When was AGM Started?

Founded in 2019, AGM has already begun to make a name for itself in the electro-optics market. They design, develop, and distribute all their own products, which is how they can focus on the technology and performance intended to set them apart in their market.

Where Does AGM Make their Product?

Currently, AGM is manufacturing its products in the same place where they started the company, Springerville. They have plans to open an assembly factory in Europe as soon as possible, aiming to employ 30 or more trained assemblers and market staff there. 

Making this move will help them achieve a dominant position in the electro-optics market as a stand-out company with their cutting-edge products.

Do AGM Products Have a Warranty?

AGM does offer their customers a warranty that lasts for three years and is an original equipment manufacturer-style warranty. 

They cover night vision devices, thermal imagers, advanced electro-optics systems, and laser-emitting products. The warranty includes any material failure, workmanship issues, or design flaws that cause the product to function improperly.

That said, the complete guide to the warranty is covered in the operations manual you receive when you purchase the product. Still, it should be known that any defects caused by improper use or those that are specifically identified in the manual will void the warranty

For instance, the manufacturer states using night vision during the day may permanently damage your equipment, so if you were to do so, the possible damage would no longer be covered under the OEM warranty.

Where Can You Buy AGM Thermal Scopes

You can buy AGM thermal scopes from the AGM website or other authorized online dealers such as Optics Planet or Amazon. But big retailers such as Sportsman’s Warehouse and Walmart also sell their products.

Are AGM Products Worth It?

There are plenty of optics manufacturers in the marketplace these days. While the price points at AGM are not always the lowest, they are reasonable, and their products are of good quality. 

Additionally, with plans to expand globally, this young company has lofty goals they have set for itself. Along with these facts, the warranty will make you a happy consumer if you purchase from them.

With top-of-the-line technology and a strong desire to succeed, AGM is determined to become a standout in the industry, so they aim to please their customers and exceed expectations. This makes buying a product from them a worthwhile, cost-effective choice for anyone looking for a thermal scope at a reasonable price.

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