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Best ACOG Scope: Top ACOG Sights For the Money [2024]

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The ACOG scope is clearly synonymous with the military, and be that the case you only need look as far as what the US ARMY uses in the field to get a hands-on idea of what different ACOG glass sight are considered combat operational, and as such a no brainer in terms of civilian use and what is the best glass for use as well. 

Being the ACOG sight is a system that has commanded a generation of military use, and as such was designed to shoot men and little else at the time, these sights came into the civilian marketplace at a snails pace at first, but soon hunters began to understand that that the little red dot or chevron and range designation marks were just what the shooter ordered when in from the muzzle to 500 yards.

I have shot an ACOG on an AR-15 suppressed system for many years and to be sure it owns the night and the whole stream basin when I set up with her on a still fall evening for varmints or game animals. ACOG has shot bank beaver for fur, deer for the table and trophy wall, coyotes to the call and sniped, prairie dogs by the hundreds, and even a few nasty tempered badger as well. 

The system I have always stayed with is offered by the number one market of ACOG and a military standard in some units even today, but more on all that a bit later. My ACOG is built by Trijicon, and has been in services with me for about 25 years to date, 

man holding a rifle with an ACOG scope

Best Acog Scopes

1. Trijicon 4X32 ACOG

This ACOG scope is built just about as tough as one can be manufactured. My sight had been in Afghanistan regarding the US Army and was a refurbished sight that had been resurrected for combat operations. My sight is close to the one illustrated here and makes use of a tritium based battery free system that has lasted me these many years. Night shooting the sight move to battery mode using power stored during the daylight hours. In the daylight, the system uses again direct sunlight as a power source and illuminates the red sub tensions. Save for windage and elevation adjustments the ACOG is a 100% true system and has no moving parts save for zero function.

The fixed power is a setting designed for combat, and as I have illustrated its use for hunting is also well balanced as a target acquisition base system. Color sub tensions on this unit are green, retains a bullet drop compensating and ranging reticle lacking any manual adjustments. All sight adjustment first hand through the lens.

Base unit for mounting is integral with the sight and is a basic Weaver rail application. Fast on/off using a set of Weaver-style claws make the whole system flexible in any type of operations or hunting environment. ACOG by Trijicon is a classic design.

2. Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight QRP2 2 MOA

This glass sight is a system also adopted by the military but not as rugged as the previous unit. This sight has been used under test by this shooter with success. Target deer in heavy cover and cornfields with standing grain. Close in shooting with the sights red dot was fast and accurate, but longer range work got a bit fuzzy when trying to maintain good shot placement. Losing the 2 MAO red dot in cover was the issue for me at the time.

The unit uses a single DL1/3N battery ( included) and it is designed to run for three years under continuous use. This sight retains 10 different brightness settings and that makes it good for night operations as well as bright daylight shooting.

Few moving parts, single Weaver base style mounting, and flip up lens caps. This is a close design to a standard military adapted sight, and the second best in my opinion in ACOG development. 

3. Steiner T-Sight Red Dot

German Steiner is among some of the better red dot style sight offered today. This T-Sight uses the red dot holographic reticle, is almost totally parts friendly meaning not much moving in the system save for zeroing controls. The sight is waterproof and designed for rough field applications ( military ). The sight uses the Weaver basic attachment system as applied to rails of the same pattern, makes use of twin mounting claws to the rail of the weapon, and also retains an extra rail, mount atop the sight for additional downrange sight gear or lights.

Magnification power stands a 4X, and the housing is one piece metal construction. This sight is a solid choice for three gun competition or close quarter police and military operations. 

4. Vortex Optics Strikfire II Red Dot

Here is a slightly lower priced unit that is based on the Vortex brand and as such is a good solid product. Good for sporting applications based on overall quality and pricing this sight retains a housing built of aluminum in a one piece design, allows the shooter to select between two different reticle lighting options, and also retains up to 10 different brightness settings. This makes the sight great for low light and no light shooter, and also brings up sharp light in red or green for very bright daylight shooting conditions ( almost into the sun by example). This has been a drawback with some ACOG style sights, sight fade versus target fade is the issue here. You can see the running deer, but the targeting system fades into the background. 

The sight uses an off set cantilever mount ( Weaver-style), allowing the shooter to move sight in position to use an additional magnifier as well. Power controls are at the left rear of the sight for adjustment ease for the right handed shooters surface control changes. This unit makes use of a CR2 battery available every place nowadays.

5. Monstrum S33op 3X Prism Scope

This is a compact designed sporting heavy duty sight that makes use of a large 300 objective lens, advances to a 3X magnification level, and will acquire targets with ease to 500 yards. This sight is not a red dot, but a glass prism optical system that can be selected in both red and green etched reticle presentations. The sub tensions are visible with or without being illuminated and make for a very flexible service application.

This scope is a one-piece housing design, Weaver attachment mounts, and carry’s a one-year warranty. A good hunting application that should be provided great on target control in all lighting situations.

At this point in review, we are covering five different ACOG-style sighting systems. If the buyer moves across the brand presented here they will observe that this covers about a dozen different scopes when variations in design by each brand are considered. Most are much alike but retain small difference in terms of being custom setups for each individual shooter. 

The second group of sights move further down the ladder into the basic recreational sight. This is because we have hit the end of the high dollar market and professional grade at this point in time. Therefore I will present some workable “ fun gun” sights, or general use equipment that for the most part is not intended for professional military or police/operator contractor applications.

6. Sig SOR71001 Sauer

Sig offers a red dot system that is close to the level of law enforcement in that it is a better grade of product and built to take a beating in the field This is the Sig SOR71001 MROMEO 7.

This sight is a 1X30MM Sauer MOA RED DOT system, retains an exterior graphite finish, and is designed primarily for hunting purposes. Battery powered it will last 62,500 hours and the low AA battery compartment allows for fast turn around with fresh power. Elevation adjustments retains 220 MOA elevation and 150 MOA windage. The power system is motion activated. Any movement wakes up the sighting system. The sighting system retains nine individual brightness settings. This make the sight flexible and night operational as well.

This Sig sight retains coatings, and advanced electronics built into far more expensive systems offered by the company as well. Weaver bases and clamp design makes it an easy on/off system when applied to a Waver rail system on an AR or other applied weapons systems. 

7. Northtac Ronin V10

This red dot sight is built in a 1x35mm s MOA red dot system. The sight is a “ shake awake’ unit meaning movement will activate the sight, The sight retains 50.000 hours of battery life on the low setting. ( Battery CR2032) This is a variable setting system which allows for both low and high light shooting situations. 

This is a good example of a hunting model red dot versus a combat rated sight. 

Adjustment graduations ½ MOA, with windage and elevation at 80 MOA total.

The sight mounts on a Weaver/ Picatinny MIL-STD 1913 system. This is a fast one/off sight as applied to rail systems on varied weapons.

The riser mount is included in the package make an install very quick and simple. 

Several different models of this Ronin are available with varied setups regarding size, weight and operational systems.

8. Primary Arms SLX 5x36mm Gen III Prism Scope

A specialized centerfire rifle sight this sight can be considered a middle ground step in quality and construction. If you are searching for a sight that carries both the tools of a military application and also sport hunting in the same frame here is a possible choice in the Primary Arms SLX.

This sight retains a BDC reticle and ranging system for use with the .223/5.56mm and the 7.62×51 308 Winchester. The reticle retains a partially illuminated surface system and is able to change from red to green regarding that illumination ability. 

The sight retains a Weaver style top rail for added tools as in lights etc, and the package is workable to 800 maximum yards regarding ranging ability. With mid range pricing and design features, this is a workable nit when applied to police, operator, or contractor service.

9. Professional 4×32 Scope Red Fiber Scope Optics

Professional 4×32, In the budget department and workable for hunters or general purpose target shooting this scope retains the red fiber optics system and a HUD system as well.

Nitrogen-filled, waterproof, and anti-fog the sight is designed for the outdoors.

Magnification is at 4x, the 1077 style red dot is the basic install. The objective size is 32mm and the sight retains a bullet drop compensator. Scope length is 5.80 inches, reticle pattern ( sub-tensions crosshairs. Night reticle color black. Ranging 600 meters 5.56.223 red illuminated daylight only. Housing material one pieces aluminum. 

10. Bushnell Optics TRS-25 1x25mm red dot sight

This compact 3 MOA lightweight sight is used by this researcher on both crossbows and shotguns re low light shooting from tree stands late in the day and at first light. I have hundreds of hours behind this sight and the sight has assisted in putting meat on the table over some 20 winters here in the mountains to date. Just tough as nails and easy on the budget as well. 

The system retains 11 brightness settings and that allows for an easy set up in all type of lighting environments.

Weaver style claw mount is integral with the scope main body making it an easy install both on and off the weapon. 

If you looking for a red dot that is easy on the budget, made like a Russian tank, a will serve you for many years without any element of failure. This is a darn good first sighting round option for your field weapon. 

man with a jacket holding a rifle with scope

Considering the number of sights listed here and the range of varied designs offered by the manufacturer, you’re not looking at 10 sights as indicated at the onset of this review, but as many as 40 different sights when each brand’s offerings are taken into consideration. From police officer to coyote hunter, this subject is covered well. 

For more reading, take a look at our article explaining the differences between ACOG vs red dot sights and the best scope rings on the market.

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