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416 Barrett Ammo Info: Cost and Comparisons

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416 Barrett ammo in a gloved hand

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When talking of centerfire cartridges, you’re likely to hear about the .416 Barrett ammo. This proprietary cartridge was designed in 2005 for long-range shooting. 

So, is this cartridge as powerful as people say it is? What are its properties? Let’s find out.

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.416 Barrett Ammo Ballistics

The .416 was meant to improve the .50 BMG cartridge, which is a sniper cartridge meant for use in sniper-type rifles and machine guns. This ammunition was designed because the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division requested a cartridge combination between medium and heavy.

As a modification of the 50 BMG case, it was shortened to accommodate the .416-inch bullet. Initially chambered in the Model 82A1, it used a 395-grain bullet with a 3,300 muzzle velocity, carrying 9,500 foot-pounds of energy.

Most people who’ve used it say it’s a fun cartridge to shoot and great for long-range shooting. Thanks to its ability to remain supersonic even beyond 2,150 yards, it increases your chances of hitting your target.

When using a 450-grain bullet, you get a muzzle velocity of about 3,005 feet per second. And at about 1,000 yards, this bullet carries approximately 3,862.5 pounds of energy.

The .416 Barrett Ammo is versatile as you can use it for both medium and large game. And while it works well in close ranges, it’s best suited for long-range shooting.

Check out this video explaining how the 416 works as it’s compared to the 50 BMG:

Ammo Cost

The 416 Barrett ammo costs between $100 and $150. Prices will vary depending on the retailers and your location. In some instances, you may pay more because of shipping charges.

.416 Ammo v .338 Lapua

What the .416 and .338 Lapua share is that both these cartridges were designed for long-range shooting. But the .338 Lapua has more range. 

That said, although it was initially designed for military use, the .338 Lapua isn’t quite as accurate as the .416. Still, most hunters and competitive shooters select it when they want to take down big game at long ranges. Experts agree that the cartridge is a great choice for someone seeking accuracy.

So, which cartridge is better? 

Well, the .416 Barrett is better as it packs a powerful punch and can take down some of the biggest animals. It’s also capable of exceptional accuracy because of its superior ballistic coefficient. That said, if you’re looking for a bit more range, the .338 Lapua is your go-to cartridge.

.416 vs 416 Rigby Ammo Comparison

The .416 Rigby uses a 400-grain bullet and has a velocity of 2,400 fps. On the other hand, the .416 Barrett ammo uses a 395-grain bullet with a velocity of 3,150fps. This makes the .416 a better and more powerful alternative.

.416 Ammo vs 300 Win Mag

Two 300 Win Mag bullets

The .300 Win Mag is a high-powered cartridge ideal for long-range shooting. With a 150-grain bullet, this cartridge can reach a velocity of up to 3,390fps.

However, the .416 cartridge is larger and heavier. This means it delivers more force and deeper penetration to the target. Unfortunately, the .416 also generates more recoil, making it incredibly hard to shoot precisely if you’re not used to the force, especially if you’re a novice shooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How powerful is a 416 Barrett?

The .416 Barrett is a powerful rifle cartridge used for long-range shooting with an effective range of more than 2,500 yards (2,286 meters). It’s popular because it can take down big game animals such as bears and elk.

Is a 416 Barrett bigger than a 50 cal?

A .416 is smaller and lighter than a 50 cal, so it retains a higher muzzle velocity and superior ballistic performance.

What is the 416 Barrett used for?

The 416 Barrett is used for extreme-long range shooting and is a good cartridge for hunting big game.

What is the range of a 416 Barrett?

The range of a 416 Barrett is over 2,500 yards (2,286 meters). While factors like environmental conditions, a shooter’s skills, and the specific ammunition used will determine the range, a skilled shooter with a high-quality rifle should accurately hit targets beyond 2,500 yards.

What is the most powerful 416?

The most powerful 416 is the 416 Weatherby Magnum. It was designed for hunting dangerous game animals like the African Cape buffalo and elephants. It’s considered better than Ruger, Rigby, and Remington.

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